The simplest, most affordable way to avoid wedding one-upmanship

wedding one-upmanship

Don’t let wedding one-upmanship bust your budget

Wedding celebrations are beautiful. They’re all about love, except when you spend beyond your means. Sadly, it’s easy to overspend because of a human condition called ‘wedding one-upmanship.’ But there’s a cure. More on that in a second.

You know how wedding one-upmanship works. You get engaged and begin nosing around Instagram. Wow, you see some pretty cool stuff and decide you ‘have to have it’ for YOUR wedding! But it’s pricey.

And then you think back to your friend’s recent wedding and all the cool things they did. Something inside you whispers in your ear that you’ve got to outdo them. And suddenly your wedding budget is on the road to ruin!

Food, decorations, flowers, jewelry, hair, makeup, clothing, booze,  photographers, etc., are all wonderful components of your wedding celebration until you let them spin out of control in an orgy of wedding one-upmanship, leading to a mountain of stressful bills.

The cure to wedding one-upmanship

I promised a cure. It is simple: fun.

‘Fun’ is the cure for wedding one-upmanship. When people are having fun at your Cleveland wedding celebration, they don’t focus on how many flowers you have or the fancy entree served at the reception. And here’s what’s really interesting: fun tends to kick in when people aren’t sitting down. It kicks in when they’re on their feet doing one of two things:

  1. Dancing.
  2. Having crazy, fun, happy pics taken at the photobooth.

Music & More creates wedding fun

Music & More are wedding DJs with a gift for packing dance floors at weddings. We play the songs you love performed by your favorite artists on the best equipment around, MCed with impeccable flair.

When your guests need a break, watch them flock to our Photo Booth for a giddy session they’ll remember long after you return from your honeymoon.

Here’s what’s crazy: you can usually get BOTH of these great services for less than you’d pay a good wedding band.

When people are having this much fun, there’s no need to try to impress them with budget-busting extras. Music & More is the smart solution for sensible couples who want to live within their means without scrimping on the fun. Check us out.