A fun wedding reception is now more important than an elegant reception

fun wedding receptionEngaged? Answer these four questions to see what really matters to you when planning your wedding reception. Do you prefer a fun wedding reception to a romantic one?

Or do you prefer a fun wedding reception to an elegant reception?

Do you prefer a fun wedding reception to a down-to-earth reception?

Or do you prefer a fun wedding reception to a classic reception?

Wedding trends

The Knot tracks these kind of trends. Their latest wedding study revealed a shift in the type of wedding reception couples want on their big day. Here are the top 5 descriptors in order:

    1. Romantic (27%)
    2. Fun (25%)
    3. Elegant (22%)
    4. Down-to-earth (22%)
    5. Classic (20%)

As recently as 2015, only 19% of couples wanted a “fun” reception, so you can see that a fun wedding reception is really gaining traction.

But here’s the question: are you forced to sacrifice ‘romance’ or ‘elegance’ to have a fun wedding reception? No, not if you choose Music & More to provide customized DJ entertainment at your affair.

Several variables influence the mood, including the music, the lighting, and the level of interaction a DJ has with your guests. There’s no law that says it’s all or none.

In other words, part of your reception can be romantic and elegant. And as the party of heats up, we can let our hair down and ratchet up the interaction and fun.

Create a unique guest experience

Even more, we offer add-ons like photo booth to create a unique guest experience. In fact, 40% of wedding couples go with extra guest entertainment, like photo booth, compared to just eleven percent in 2009.

Your Cleveland wedding reception doesn’t have to be all romance OR all fun OR all elegance.  It can be ALL of the above!  And with Music & More, you’ll enjoy customized entertainment tailored to your dreams and the guest experience you desire.

As far as Music & More is concerned, every wedding reception should be a fun wedding reception. With us, it will be!