Millennial marriage proposal

Poor Millennials. They seem to be the butt of a lot of jokes these days. Our guess is that the older generations are just jealous. On the other, hand the culture and technology have changed enough that the Millennial marriage proposal in the video below has just enough plausibility to elicit a good laugh. What do you think?

Hey, but let’s be honest. The Generation Xers, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation would kill to have their own marriage proposal captured for posterity in a nice video to share on social media with their aging pals. But back in that “horse and buggy era,” dazzling technology just wasn’t available.

The video really is hysterical because the young woman is obsessed with getting her proposal absolutely perfect at the expense of spontaneity. In a way, Music & More understands her point. In fact, we love a client like her, because we want everything perfect for her wedding reception.

No surprises with Music & More

We’re really, really good at it. There are no surprises. Even more, we connect with your other wedding vendors to be sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to key points in your reception, such as wedding toasts, the first dance, and the cake cutting.

These moments are just as photo/video worthy as your wedding proposal. We’ll MC the event with impeccable timing and tasteful music to enrich your memories for generations to come.

Generational jealousy

You know what else makes all those older generations jealous? The awesome technology we bring to you wedding celebration, including state-of-the art DJing, complete with clear, controlled sound; decor lighting that transforms a plain hall into a palace; and photo booths. They didn’t have it this good, but you do!

So before we poke too much fun at the millennial marriage proposal above, let’s pause and celebrate just how much better off today’s brides are than yesteryear’s.